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Call for Chapter Authors for the Traffic Engineering Handbook, 7th Edition Replies due October 25

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) seeks chapter authors for the 7th Edition of the Traffic Engineering Handbook. The Institute’s handbooks are respected references used throughout the transportation profession.

Chapter authors will be expected to contribute to ITE’s vision for this new handbook by incorporating the latest traffic engineering principles and techniques within the changing needs and thinking of the practice. Among the most significant of these changes will be a move away from traditional automobile-centric approaches to traffic engineering. Rather, the 7th Edition will seek to present material within the context of: the needs of all users that rely on surface transportation systems including, but not limited to, pedestrians, bicyclists, freight, automobiles, public transit, and travelers of all ages and abilities; contemporary approaches to traffic engineering and planning practices including context-sensitive solutions, resiliency, system reliability and robustness, and environmental sensitivity; and eliminating the traditional “stove pipes” within specialized fields of traffic engineering and encouraging a comprehensive approach to the transportation profession, especially in the area of urban streets.

Chapter authors and author teams will be offered a $2,000 per chapter honorarium and the opportunity to contribute toward the development of a major reference publication for the profession. Proposers may express interest to develop more than one chapter.

If you wish to be considered as a chapter author, please submit an up-to-date resume (a maximum of three (3) pages) and a letter expressing the content area(s) in which you wish to be considered (a maximum of two (2) pages). In your letter, please indicate how you believe you can contribute to the overall vision for the 7th Edition of the Traffic Engineering Handbook.

Please send the letter and your resume to ITE by no later than October 25, 2013. A review panel will make selections of the persons to be invited to serve as chapter authors by November 22, 2013. Send resumes and written expressions of interest to: Natalia Vlasov Technical Programs Associate Institute of Transportation Engineers 1627 Eye Street, NW, Suite 600 Washington, DC 20006 nvlasov@ite.org



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