Annual Report Year 22 Highlights*—Education and Research

Undergraduate Programs Formal programs and concentrations in transportation are currently offered by UCTC-affiliated departments at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Riverside, UCLA, and UC Santa Barbara. Additional courses with significant transportation content are offered at other campuses of the UC system, including UC San Diego.

undergraduate weekOf note in Year 22, UCTC offered several three new educational opportunities for undergraduates and young professionals interested in the field. In Spring 2010, UCTC Assistant Director Karen Frick hosted an undergraduate transportation week that included site visits, meetings with professionals & lectures/discussions to provide context. Approximately 15 students from a diverse range of fields, including engineering, planning, social sciences participated. The week’s topics included transit service planning, transit-oriented development (TOD), waterfront planning, overview s of state and regional planning and engineering efforts, such as traffic operations systems, traveler information systems ( as well as pedestrian and bicycle planning and the New Bay Bridge.

bay bridg boat tour year 22In Summer 2010, UCTC co-sponsored [IN]CITY, Introduction to Sustainable Cities, which is a unique six-week intensive summer program to expose approximately 75 students to sustainability and city planning issues, including transportation, land use, climate change, and related fields. It is designed especially for recent graduates holding bachelors degrees and senior undergraduates. The program is offered through the Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP) and the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley, with UCTC Assistant Director Karen Frick as the lead instructor and special lectures by DCRP faculty.



ucla undergrads at long beachIn Summer 2010, UCLA also offered a special undergraduate course to 23 students also from a diverse range of fields including geography and environmental studies, anthropology, economics, English, international development, pre-psychobiology, and Spanish. Students went on several field trips and were exposed to contemporary transportation issues and challenges, particularly in Southern California. In particular, students participated in tours of the Port of Long Beach, Alameda Corridor, Los Angeles Airport, the bus and rail system, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities and a traffic control center. Local officials and course instructors Alison Yoh and Michael Smart of UCLA led the tours.


Finally, UCTC launched its “post-undergraduate intern” program for recently matriculated undergraduates to work with us on tech transfer and other projects. Our first intern was Justin Shiu, who received his Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Studies at UC Berkeley and worked with us for one year before starting his graduate studies in city planning at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Graduate Programs and Support Formal degree graduate programs or concentrations in transportation are offered on several campuses in the UC system, including Berkeley, Irvine, UCLA, Santa Barbara and Riverside.

Faculty Research Grants for Graduate Student Researchers

  • An Aggregate Model of Downtown Parking and Traffic Congestion: Incorporating Mass Transit Richard Arnott, UC Riverside
  • Assessment of accessibility in urban environments with unpredictable transit systems Alexandre Bayen, UC Berkeley
  • Price and Frequency Competition in Freight Transportation Jan K. Brueckner, UC Irvine
  • Forecasting with Dynamic Microsimulation: Design, Implementation, and DemonstrationKonstadinos Goulias, UC Santa Barbara
  • Can Technology Make Us Greener Drivers? An investigation of the potential benefits of ACC and IVC Wenlong Jin, UC Irvine
  • Measuring Multimodal Transport Level of Service Adib Kanafani, UC Berkeley
  • Formulating and Applying Models for Planning and Designing Integrated Public Transit
    Michael Cassidy & Samer Madanat, UC Berkeley
  • Evaluation of Traffic Safety in Sprawl and Urban Growth in California Metropolitan Areas David Ragland, UC Berkeley
  • An Activity-Based Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) on Energy and Emissions Using One-Day Travel Data Will Recker, UC Irvine
  • Mitigating the Air Quality Impacts of San Pedro Bay Port Drayage Truck Operations on Arterials Stephen G. Ritchie, UC Irvine
  • Incorporating Vehicular Emissions into an Efficient Mesoscopic Traffic Model - An Application to Southern California Jean-Daniel Saphores, UC Irvine
  • How much do highway dedication laws tax housing to subsidize driving? Donald Shoup, UC Los Angeles
  • The Presentation of Self in Everyday [Transit] Life: An Ethnographic Study of Public Transit Culture and Behavior in Los Angeles Brian D. Taylor, UC Los Angeles
  • CAL-Sentry: Computational Framework and Algorithms for Live Video-Sensor Stream Assimilation and Analysis for Congestion, Emission and Safety Studies Mohan M. Trivedi, UC San Diego
  • Employing lessons from Behavioral Economics to Promote Sustainable Behaviors and Improve Travel Demand Models Joan Walker, UC Berkeley
  • Determinants of Bicycle-Transit Integration in U.S. Cities Rui Wang, UC Los Angeles

Doctoral Dissertation Grants

  • What’s Driving Transit Access? Modeling the Influence of Urban Form, Transport Supply & Pricing on Rapid Transit Access Mode Choice and GHG Emissions Bruce Appleyard, UC Berkeley
  • Impact of Land use–Transportation Network Interaction and Its Change Over Time Gargi Chaudhuri, UC Santa Barbara
  • Allocation of Space and the Costs of Multimodal Transport in Cities Eric J. Gonzales, UC Berkeley
  • Assessing the Impacts of Truck Traffic on Residential Property Values – A Southern California Case Study Wei Li,UC Irvine
  • Research on High Accuracy GPS for VAA Applications Anning Chen, UC Riverside
  • Behavior and Culture on Los Angeles Buses: The Social Life of a Mobile Public Space Camille N.Y. Fink, UC Los Angeles
  • Strategic Elements of Route Choice for Next Generation Digital Navigation Systems Thomas James Pingel, UC Santa Barbara
  • Towards Learning and Prediction of Driver Cognitive States and Intents for Active Safety Anup Doshi,UC San Diego
  • Data Delivery and Routing in Vehicular Networks for ITS Applications Rex Chen, UC Irvine
  • Travel Determinants and Multi-scale Transferability of National Activity Patterns to Create Activity Schedules for Synthetic Populations Kriste Henson, UC Santa Barbara
  • Transit-Oriented Global Centers for Competitiveness and Sustainability: Investigating contemporary capital improvement and urban regeneration in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore
    Jin Murakami, UC Berkeley

dan work

UCTC Student of the Year

The Student of the Year for FY 2009-2010 was Dan Work, a PhD student in Systems Engineering in UC Berkeley’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a visiting researcher at Nokia Research Center Palo Alto.

As part of the award, he received $1,000 plus costs to attend the award ceremony at the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). The award acknowledges superior academic performance, commitment to transportation research and/or practice, and prospects for contributing to the transportation profession in the future.

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